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You - an innovator, researcher or established industry with a business idea based on, or in need of, materials technology. You look for relevant contacts and support to realize the business.

Open Innovation portal

Here you find defined challenges from established industry within the field of materials.

Baltic TRAM

Through another EU-financed project, Baltic TRAM, Materials Business Center can fund and help facilitate experiments for SMEs at analytic research facilities.

The MBC team

We are part of a group of Business Advisors at Innovation Skåne – maybe the most committed people in the innovation business. We offer Confidentiality, Independence, Attention, Commitment, Competence, Network.

The network

Among our partners, members and contacts you find entrepreneurs, ceo’s, researchers, professors, technicians, mobile manufacturers, life science industries, constructors, engineers, mining businesses, research institutes and many more.


Innovation Summit on Wood Based Materials

Our world is changing from fossil dependency towards sustainability in all aspects. One key ingredient in this shift is the untapped potential of the forest, especially since the pulp industry also been undergoing a transformation. New fuels, sustainable plastics, textiles…

Innovation Summit on Sustainable Textile and Fashion

Sustainability is the biggest trend within the fabrics and fashion industries. But how do you go about it practically? The purpose of this event is to bring together researchers, startups and large corporations, from the textile and fashion industries. The…

Final Conference

The Grand Final of the MBC project is approaching! Join us for a spectacular event. The theme will be revealed a bit further down the road. Stay curious, and save the date!