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The challenge

Hexagem has a new method for producing flawless gallium nitride, GaN. Gallium nitride might be the next semiconducting material, used mainly for energy efficient power electronics. Hexagems challenge is finding customers where their solution is a success factor, for instance an energy company. In the next step, they also need support for scaling up.

The solution

Finding customers, such as an energy company. Support for scaling.


Who: Hexagem






MBC's Contribution

MBC helped Hexagem form a company and also get funding through Vinnova. Customer contact, introduction to ABBs needs, which enabled development of enhanced power electronics components with higher efficiency. Arranged Innovation Summit on Nano Sensors and Electronics along with Hexagem, which gave them contacts with Eon and ABB.

Market potential

Has potential to become the next semiconductor material suitable for high voltage, temperature and current with minimal losses. The material is perfect for components used in power electronics, e.g in power network management, base stations for telecom networks, electric cars etc.

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