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Prebona finds new customer for nano coating

The challenge

Prebona manufactures nanoparticles from silicic acid, an environmentally friendly material and sustainable alternative to fossil-based products.

The nanobased material can coat surfaces to keep off dirt, mold or bacterial growth. The material can also change the wetting properties and make it hydrophobic or hydrophilic. The challenge for Prebona is to find application areas, consolidate their business model, conduct market analysis and scale up sales.


Who: Prebona






MBC's Contribution

MBC has introduced Prebona to companies such as Owens corning and Skanska. MBC has also helped Prebona find a new customer: The Cathedral of Lund.

Market potential

All construction sites exposed to weather and wind. It will be built as much city in the three closest decades as it has been done so far.

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