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The challenge

The startup Bioextrax has developed a unique method of breaking down protein rich materials. One of the end products is the bio-based and biodegradable plastic PHA that replaces fossil-based plastics, such as the much criticized microplastics in cosmetics. The companys challenge is to scale up to go from lab to large-scale production.

The solution

Bioextrax was looking for partners and customers who were prepared to take part in the companys journey, going from lab to a large-scale international company.


Who: Bioextrax


“Materials Business Center has been extremely valuable to our company. Thanks to the contacts we received through MBC, we got our first customer which was the market validation we needed in order to succeed with our first seed investment. We’re now able to scale the business.



MBC's Contribution

MBC has enabled Bioextrax to get qualified contacts with several major potential customers through our innovation summits, power hours, Ignite and other venues. For example, MBC matched Bioextrax with the worlds largest cosmetics company to replace microplastics in their products. An initial order is made.

Market potential

Fossil based plastics is huge environmental challenge where the entire industry needs to switch from fossil plastics to environmentally sustainable alternatives. For that reason – there is a huge potential.

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