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Suntribe and the next generation of sunscreen

The challenge

Suntribe is a startup that sells next-generation sunscreen, biologically biodegradable and without haxardous chemicals. Suntribe was in need of material expertise around the product as well as advice on the testing activities.

The solution

Suntribe participated in a Power Hour, Where they received advice on how to produce in an oxygen-free environment that extends the products durability. MBC also helped with proper contacts at LTH to perform absorption measurements of Suntribes product.


Who: Suntribe

When: Spring 2018





MBC's Contribution

MBC has helped Suntribe to get an understanding of the ingredients in their sunscreen.

Market potential

Market potential is estimated to be large, when ordinary sunscreen accumulates in water, pollutes and is hazardous to aquatic organisms.

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