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The cathedral of Lund

The challenge

Lunds 1000-year-old cathedral precipitates lead ions through the rainwater from the roof. Without a new solution, it would have been a costly and difficult operation to dig up and protect the soil around Lundagård, an archeological highly interesting area.

The solution

By applying a new coating of quartz-based nanoparticles on the roof of the cathedral, the leakage is prevented or at least reduced.



Who: The cathedral of Lund

When: A test project was conducted in 2017 and will be followed by a sharp test in spring/summer 2019.




MBCs contribution

Materials Business Center was contacted and conducted a test project together with Prebona and Colloidal Resources. A sharp test will be done on the cathedrals roof in may 2019.

Market potential

30 churches in Skåne have lead roofs. In Denmark 300 of the churches have lead roofs. To begin with.

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