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Cross Border Science and Society’s final conference

Materials Business Center has a mediating role in the region, with the goal of empowering a vibrant materials and innovation ecosystem in Southern Sweden.

One of the projects that we at Materials Business Center cooperate with, is the Cross Border Science and Society. The project aims to seize opportunities brought by the region through the construction of ESS and MAXIV, it’s a 19 million euro project and the largest project so far in the region, consisting of 27 partner organisations form three countries. This week the final conferences of the InterReg ÖKS financed project attracted about 120 participants, mainly from the Danish and Swedish parts of the project.

The project started three years ago and during the final conference we had the chance to listen to the successes brought about by the project. To give you a few examples:

– The largest work package (out of five) was the MAXIVESSFUN, aiming to introduce neutrons and synchrotron techniques to young researchers within different fields of science. The goal on performing 176 experiments using these techniques was exceeded, and a total of 194 experiments were made, where 181 involved synchrotron radiation and 87 neutrons.

– The work package International attraction, focused on spreading the message of the Greater Copenhagen region to different branches and businesses through value propositions of regional strongholds, such as nano technology, fuel cells and oncology. After about 1000 meetings globally, this resulted in two verified establishments of companies within life science.

– Border barriers, was a work package focusing on the difficulties for researchers and employers working and living in different countries.

– The package Regional suppliers, was focusing on gathering possible regional suppliers in terms of hardware and service, for the facilities. This work package has now turned into a new Vinnova funded three-year-project named Big Science Sweden, to gather Swedish suppliers and guide them towards all international large-scale facilities Sweden has funding/interest in.

– International talents, was a work package investigating how to make talented researchers stay in the region. The solutions presented involved help with issues that might end up being the actual reason for moving back home, such as kindergarten and school, employment for partners, social activities and more.

The project all in all seem to have been a success with not only every goal fulfilled, but also enthusiastic participants and great cross border interaction that most likely will survive the ending of the project and lead to further cooperation.

The achievements of this project are filling many pieces of the puzzle in preparing for the establishment of ESS & MAXIV in the region. The project’s goals are all pieces that needs to be in place when we create a regional platform for materials science and life science, making the most out of the opportunities that come with the establishments.

But there are more to be done. Looking at other similar sites globally we can see that it takes time to establish clusters of larger companies, mediating companies and an environment with spin of-companies, and we can do more to accelerate this from not only settle organically. And this is where Materials Business Center fills a complementary role.


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