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Innovation Summit on Sustainable Energy Storage – thank you for participating

April 6th,  researchers, entrepreneurs and companies such as NEVS, Nissan, Uniti, Kraftringen and LKF gathered at Studio in Malmö for an Innovation Summit on Sustainable Energy Storage.

We want to thank all participants for generously sharing their knowledge and expertise, opening up for discussion and potential cross collaboration. Further down the page you will find their presentations. And stay tuned for our next summit that will be announced shortly!


“Welcome” – Lars Tilly, Materials Business Center

Energy storage in the future energy system”Sara Malmgren, Programme Manager, Swedish Energy Agency

“Kraftringen: Challenges & Opportunities” – Helena Tillborg, Head of Business Development, Kraftringen

“Electric roads in Skåne” – Mats Alakula, Professor Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation, Lund University

“Nissan Intelligent Mobility” – Jarkko Ahlbom, Zero Strategy Manager, Nissan Nordic

“4D imaging of charging and discharging processes in lithium-ion batteries” – Stephen Hall, Senior Lecturer solid mechanics, Lund University

“Hybrid devices for simultaneous energy conversion and storage” – Sergey Shleev, Professor Biomedical Technology, Malmö University

“Xplorion: battery storage of solar energy” – Dennis Kerkhof, Project Leader, LKF

“NEVS: Challenges & Opportunities” – Pavel Calderon, Manager – Advanced Battery Technology, NEVS

“The importance of scaling better batteries” – Lewis Horne, CEO, UNITI

“Cityfied: sustainable district energy retrofitting” – Jeanette Green, Assistant Director & Business developer, IVL

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