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In southern Sweden, your materials related challenges finds its solution! We are looking for startups who want to solve materials-related challenges to join our community.

To qualify as an MBC community member, the startup is either;

  • Materials producer, or
  • Having a product where the Materials is crucial for its performance or competitiveness

In addition, we also value;

  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Potential and ambition to scale internationally
  • If and how Your product will contribute to societal benefits as defined in UN SDGs.

Our offer to startups
We offer feedback from established experts and specialists, access to industrial network, first customers, business advisory, monitoring public funding projects, visibility at our webpage and in our presentations.

We welcome new members from anywhere, but all de minimis-support is only available for start-ups registered in the Skåne and Blekinge regions. For startups located in those areas, we can also offer;

  • Power Hours
  • Measurements and analysis 
  • Entrance fee for TechConnect and similar events and fairs. 
  • Business Advisory

It does not cost anything to be a community member in Materials Business Center 2.0The value for you lies in the activities we do together with our community. The more active you are the more value you will get out of Materials Business Center 2.0.

We will do everything we can to accelerate the development of the business for the start-ups in our community
The Materials Business Center Project aims to stimulate the initiation and development of new businesses, and catch opportunities arising from the huge investments in materials research and development in South of Sweden (ESS, MaxIV, NanoLund, the national Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy).

The start-ups in our community is key in reaching 25 new job opportunities until the end of 2020, but also act as a showcase for our region internationally.  

How to join

If You want to take part of our offer, don’t hesitate to email: 

Not a startup? You are also welcome to email us if  You are interested in joining our community as an industry partner!

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