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Nano and Innovation Environments: main topics in Brussels

We were invited to Region Skåne’s Brussels office to discuss two major topics this week. Firstly, what a difference a pre-production plant/test bed for nano-related product development at Brunnshög would make for the nano-companies that Innovation Skåne supports and especially for C2Amps AB, which we have a direct connection to. Secondly, how we can utilize the Vanguard cooperation between different regions in EU to better utilize access to strong innovation environments, R&D resources and pre-production facilities such as IMEC in Belgium.
The ProNano pre-production fab, which is planned to be established at Brunnshög between MAXIV and ESS, would be a valuable resource addition for companies operating in the Nano and semiconductor materials area and who need to verify their technology in a production environment. For example, the yield in the process is directly decisive for the company’s margin. RISE has now taken a lead for this business at least in this early phase, which means building a small-scale unit in Sol Voltaic’s old premises in the MAXIII house.
The question is how much Region Skåne should get involved? Can companies such as C2Amps, Hexagem, SweGaN and others find similar resources elsewhere in Sweden or Europe. The answer was partly yes, but in Sweden only in connection with university environments that have a completely different main focus. The Vanguard collaboration here could facilitate access and open the doors to resource facilities in Europe. The Region Skåne’s Brussels office could continue to play an important mediating role for reaching other European pre-production resources and centers excellence, complementing ProNanos key areas of expertise.

Louise Ekholm, Innovation Skåne’s Chairman of the Board and Vice chairman of the regional board, attended the conference and talked about that Sweden and Skåne has good opportunities for development and growth. Read her debate article at Expressen (SE).

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