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Recap, Innovation Summit on Sensors 22 May

Last week we were happy to welcome community partners, companies, entrepreneurs and researchers to our Innovation Summit on Sensors. The subject of the summit was what we can and what we want to measure in the future using sensor technique….

Innovation Generator: Call for Ideas

Do you have a great idea on how to create an Eco-Citizen Community? Do you want to develop your idea further with the help of a supporting network or win 1.000 €? Cleantech Scandinavia is looking for clever solutions for…

Detecting the needs of tomorrow – Innovation summit on sensors, May 22nd

Innovation Skåne and Materials Business Center welcome you and your colleagues to an Innovation Summit on Sensors, focusing on what we can and, in particular, what we want to measure. Learn more and register

Sustainability is tightly connected to profitability

To give a brief introduction of the subject for our seminar at Minc on December 10, we asked our speaker Malin three questions about diversity and why it matters for growth and profitability.  Malin Forsgren is a sustainability consultant at…

Bioextrax scales production and recruits new talent

Materials Business Center matches the material needs of the industry and public sector with innovative solutions from regional startups and researchers. Today, the project is working with 30 materials related cases close to market in, for example, energy, water, environment…

Watch the video: The development of Science Village

New video shows the development of Science Village  

Innovation Summit on wood based materials – thank you for participating!

Today #MaterialsBusinessCenter brought together innovators, researchers and representatives from the business community… Publicerat av Innovation Skåne Onsdag 7 november 2018

The journey of developing certified price-competitive risk waste containers with a goal to reduce 80% in carbon footprint

  OrganoClick is in many aspects challenging status quo. The company is already well established in Sweden with a range of functional products based on environmentally friendly fiber chemistry. One of their current projects is meant to create a competitive…

MBC attends Svenskt Grafenforum in Lund

Is the future of graphene approaching?  8 years have passed since the nobel price was given to the scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for ground breaking experiments with graphene. Since, extensive research and investments have been made and 2013…

Upcoming Innovation Summits this fall – save the date!

November 6th: Innovation Summit on Wood Based Materials Save the date. More information, venue and sign up form will be available soon.   November 19th: Innovation Summit on Sustainable Textile and Fashion Save the date. More information, venue and sign up…

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