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Cross4Health – Faster process from sample to result

The challenge is looking into solutions allowing for faster, more affordable, less invasive and more reliable sampling, testing and diagnosis.

Subtopics:  The content; accurate and fast analysis, the style; minimally invasive, quickly transportable

This challenge is posted by the Horizon 2020 project Cross4Health, an European cross sector innovation project within the aerospace, energy, biotechnology, ICT and medical devices to create innovative solutions, business models and workflows that will improve patient centerd healthcare.

In Cross4Health SMEs can, in consortium (by teaming up with at least on other company from another EU country), get financial investments for innovation support and development of solutions within the healthcare sector. Cross4Health will support over 70 innovation projects that will get a directly investment of a total amount of €3,5 million. The financial support per SMEs can be up to €60 000 and a maximum €180 000 per consortia. During the project timeline 2017-2020 there will be two open calls to apply for financial support, right now the first one is open. Read more on or

If you have a solution, contact us – also for getting help with teaming up in a consortium.