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Sustainability is tightly connected to profitability

Malin Forsgren

Malin Forsgren, picture credit 2050

To give a brief introduction of the subject for our seminar at Minc on December 10, we asked our speaker Malin three questions about diversity and why it matters for growth and profitability. 

Malin Forsgren is a sustainability consultant at the organization 2050 with a strong focus on how sustainability is tightly connected to profitability in business. She has multiple years of experience from working internationally within areas such as sales, product management and business development within telecommunication. Malin has also been actively involved in child rights and was the first Secretary General for Operation Smile in Sweden.

How important is it for a company at an early phase to take questions of diversity into consideration?

– I would say it is important, but the most important part is to be aware and actually question the choices we make. We naturally surround ourselves with people who are very similar to us. Studies have shown that more diverse environments result in  more dynamic and creative companies. Everybody should be aware that we have certain preconceptions, and work actively to challenge these.

Do You have any recommendations on how a smaller company with limited resources can make diversity a part of their everyday agenda?

– As a first step, many companies should learn how they shouldn’t go about these things. I have experienced some horrendous examples of organizations who tried to do the ”right thing”, and instead ended up violating the personal integrity of their employees. For smaller companies, maybe the right way is not to implement policies and tools, but rather to become aware and ask yourself ”why” your organization attract certain people.

What challenges and misconceptions regarding diversity do you often encounter in organizations?

– A common misconception is that diversity is about the correct representation of different groups. It’s not about tapping a lot of boxes, but rather about identifying what your organization may need to broaden the perspective. Diversity is not about charity, it’s simply important for the company to have as positive a development as possible!

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