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The journey of developing certified price-competitive risk waste containers with a goal to reduce 80% in carbon footprint


Dan Blomstrand, Vice President Biocomposites at OrganoClick. Image credit:

OrganoClick is in many aspects challenging status quo. The company is already well established in Sweden with a range of functional products based on environmentally friendly fiber chemistry.

One of their current projects is meant to create a competitive alternative to the fossil-based risk waste containers. The project was initiated in 2016, in collaboration with Swedish health care actors. In Sweden alone, about 2 million risk waste containers made of plastic are incinerated every year. The aim is to replace these with a container based on OrganoClicks green biocomposite OrganoComp®, a bio-based material with a high content of cellulosic fibers. A material that is strong and highly water repellent is created when cellulosic fibers are combined with OrganoClicks technologies.
Dan Blomstrand, Vice President Biocomposites at OrganoClick, explains:

“In addition to its bio-based composition and cost effective production, the material is strong enough for creating light weight products. This reduce usage of material and shipping costs.”

 The anticipated advantages of shifting to risk waste containers based on OrganoComp®  are many. The first estimates indicate that the new alternative could reduce carbon footprint with more than 80%.

“This is one example of product where we see that OrganoClicks sustainable chemistry can replace fossil-based chemistry. As a material, OrganoComp® today has the qualities to replace fossil-based furniture components and containers, since the requirements are similar to the material properties of OrganoComp®. However, the technology is versatile and opens up an opportunity to provide solutions in other areas of application and industries”

The next step within the project is to develop prototypes during 2019, which is meant for certification and testing in the proper environment.

Dan Blomstrand is one of the speakers at MBCs
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