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You have the idea of a new or improved product, solution or service. It might prove to be a silly idea, but it might also be just what people want, like Post-It, painkillers, non-invasive glucose level control, walking poles, or the Internet. Innovation Skåne offers professional business advisors relevant to your idea and market to help you find out if the idea has potential, and if so, how to make it the next big thing. Our services are free of charge thanks to our owner Region Skåne and can be added on top of the support you already get from your incubator, university innovation office, business angel or mentor.

As an Innovation Skåne client you’ll have access to individual business advice sessions, idea development sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops provided by experts in creativity, HR/team recruitment, patents/licensing, legal issues, marketing and investment. Sometimes we leverage these workshops with the power in numbers – by learning from and discussing with other startups.

The entrepreneurs who really show progress will receive exclusive support. If you have the ambition and potential to become a fast-growing company, we will do just about anything to make that happen. We work in close partnership with investors and pilot customers, as well as all official resources for start-ups and business growth.

The Innovation Skåne business advisors have expert knowledge, network and experience primarily within life science, cleantech, mobile, it and digital media. You also get to meet with experts within HR/team recruitment, patents/licensing, legal issues, marketing and financing.

Our second mission is to constantly improve and develop the Swedish innovation system and its methods. We interact with other countries and innovation supporters for new perspectives and ideas, we aim for smarter cooperation with established industries and help the government and public bodies understand the needs of stabile entrepreneurship. We try out new methods in pioneering projects. Read more at

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